Taco Bar Catering Menu & Pricing

All of our recipes are prepared in-house from scratch using fresh hand-select ingredients.

  • Taco Bar Pricing is $15.50 – $18.50 “Per Person” plus tax.
  • Delivery Fee $50.00 (within 5 miles of downtown KC)
  • Chafing Stands, Steam Pans, and Fuel – Available.

Meats & Fish Selections

Mojo Chicken Carne Asada Portobello Tempura
Old-School Beef Korean Pork Thai Chili Shrimp
Black Bean (vegan) Mesquite Pork Wild Sockeye Salmon (when avail)
Taco Bar Catering Menu Includes
Soft Corn Tortillas Baja Slaw Monterey Jack Cheese
Spanish Yellow Rice Black Beans Guacamole + Chips
Fire-Roasted Salsa + Chips Sour Cream Fresh Cut Limes
Serrano Peppers Chopped Cilantro Pineapple Pico (w/ pork)
Add-Ons (15 servings each)
Spanish Rice (vegan) Queso & Chips (2 quarts) Guac & Chips (2 quarts)
Black Beans Chips & Salsa Red (2 quarts) Smoked Eggrolls
Spicy Bacon Pinto Beans Chips & Salsa Verde (2 quarts)