Taco Bar Catering Menu & Pricing

All of our recipes are prepared in-house from scratch using fresh hand-select ingredients.

  • Taco Bar Pricing is $15-$18.50 “Per Person” plus tax.
  • $350 Minimum for Free In-Town Delivery (no minimums for pickup)
  • Chafing Stands, Steam Pans, and Fuel – Available.

Meats & Fish Selections

Mojo Chicken Carne Asada (Flank) Drunken Shrimp
Old-School Beef Korean Pork Thai Chili Shrimp
Black Bean (vegan) Mesquite Pork Blackend Wild Sockeye Salmon
Taco Bar Catering Menu Includes
Soft Corn Tortillas – Lightly Toasted Fire-Roasted Salsa + Chips Chopped Cilantro
Baja Slaw (lettuce upon request) Guacamole Serrano Peppers
Monterey Jack Cheese Sour Cream Fresh Cut Limes
Add-Ons (15 servings each)
Spanish Rice (vegan) Queso & Chips (2 quarts) Guac & Chips (2 quarts)
Cilantro & Bean Rice Chips & Salsa (2 quarts) Smoked Eggrolls
 Black Beans Spicy Bacon Pinto Beans